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What happens when Infuz leaves their kids to run the agency and an RFP shows up from the North Pole? It’s the perfect storm for hilarious, holiday filled hi-jinks, one-liners and tantrums.

Brand Santa Claus® has ordered the crew to increase brand loyalty and believability on a national scale. Are the Kidfuzers up to the challenge? Watch and find out!

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Not a Fan of Children or Santa?
Re-Live Infuz’s 2010 Holiday Card!

Like the spirit of Christmas, our Holiday Personality Quiz is still alive! Are you a Holiday Snob, Over Affectionate, Sometimes Grabby Aunt, or a Holiday #FAIL? Find out what your true holiday spirit is by taking this short quiz!

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Believe All Over Again.

See The Entire Story Unfold

Miracle On 10th Street

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